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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Finally the weather has improved and I can hold my classes on my deck upstairs.  It was a good day in the studio.  I had the pleasure of teaching a couple of sisters with different tastes.  Maisie was interested in doing a poppy for her daughter and Carrie, had been struggling to paint a lighthouse, and so we worked on a lighthouse and a poppy.   They were both very pleased with the end result.   It was a new challenge to have two people working on different subjects, and still managing to give lots of instruction and have them both complete their painting.  We used a watercolor card that I had painted as the reference photo and I painted along with Carrie, since I already had a couple of demo paintings of poppies for Maisie to work from.

The Lighthouse was done in a softer, more of a watercolor method, with Acrylic paints

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