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Tuesday, January 26, 2016



This is a work in progress for a day care center here in San Jose, there is a group of ladies, that work very hard to raise money for this center.  They have a breakfast and a silent auction every year, this is one I am working on for a donation for them.  Since everyone loved my turtles I thought it might be a good subject.  His left eye is a little low, his mouth is wrong, and the flippers need some work.  Today's project is to finish him.

I am working on a large painting of sea turtles, the first stage I realized that the second turtle was much to close and looking very aggressive towards the first turtle, so I have changed  his position.  I am much happier now, with the composition.  He still has an attitude, but I like him.

I think I am close to being finished with these guys I will give them a few more days before I sign it and varnish it.  I can see a couple of things, that need adusting.
I was not happy with the flipper on the top guy, it was too flat.  So I am done.

These guys just went to their  new home last  night!!

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