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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Purchasing Acrylics in Mexico

The brand is Politec, the color of the tube is white and orange
They also have a brand called Amsterdam and Reeves, these are also okay, just a bit more expensive than the Mexican brand.
Because they are a fairly reasonable paint to buy, I buy all the colors, saves mixing, but a basic palette of colors would include, a warm and a cool of each color.
The ones I would suggest are
# 904 Amarillo (lemon yellow)
# 906 Amarillo Med (Medium Yellow)
Amersterdam has a yellow here I use and it is called Yellow Deep, it is a bit darker.
# 907 Narjanja Hanza (a browner orange (optional)
# 908 Naranja Cad (a bright orange (optional)
# 911 Verde Bosque (dark green)
# 912 Verde Thalo (blue green)
# 914 Rojo Politec (leans toward Pink)
# 916 Rojo Cad ( a medium red)
# 920 Cerulean Blue (turquoise)
# 922 Azul Cobalto (more of a royal blue)A
# 929 Amarillo Ochre ( I use this a lot, it is a earthier yellow, also sold as Naples Yellow in the Reeves brand, it is a bit softer yellow)
# 924 Sienna Natural
# 924 Sombra Natural (both these colors are more earthy tones, so not necessary if you are more into painting florals)


I use a brand, called Rodin
#12 flat
# 8 flat
# 6 round
liner brush

Gesso (the white base) any time I buy a canvas, I usually give it a coat or two extra, it just gives it a better smoother finish.
And a wider brush, you can get one in a hardware store, I use that for putting on the gesso, rather than wearing out your painting brushes.

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